Redwine kit:

Redwine soap : organic soap

Redwine face wash:


Dm water, Non-alcoholic imported Redwine, Lauryl glucoside, coco mono, Glycerine, Aloe vera, cetyl alcohol, preservative.


❖ This hydrating face wash deeply nourishes your skin by improving skin’s firmness
& elasticity
❖ The exquisite extracts of wine add glow, delay aging & helps in retaining
the natural moisture of your skin
❖ Also, it helps in boosting the skin cells regeneration process that helps to keep skin young & fresh.

Directions of usage:

  • Tie your hair back away from your face.
  • Apply a coin-sized amount of red wine cleanser, work between your hands and apply to the face. Do not mix water.
  • Massage into your skin, including your neck.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Use a cotton pad to apply your chosen toner to dry, cleansed skin.

Redwine toner :

Red wine extract, rose water, and vitamin e-oil.


Aloe Vera & vitamin B3, reduce redness on the face

Nourishes the skin, acts as a moisturizer, cools down the irritation due to acne.

Directions of usage:

Wash your face and spray the toner gently on your face. Wait for 2 minutes and apply moisturizer, use twice a day for best results.

Redwine night gel :


– Red wine
– Xanthan gum
– Herbal extracts
– Grape seed oil
– Preservatives
– Aqua.


– Gives deep moisturization.
– Clears acne and pimple marks.
– Reduces wrinkles.
– Gives an even skin tone.
– Keeps the skin bright and glowing.

How to use it?
– Wash your face with a suitable face wash.
– Pat it dry and apply a small amount of the gel all over your face and neck.

– Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

Rosehip seed oil: Orangic cold-pressed oil

benefits :

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Helps reduce acne and inflammation.
  • Reduces signs of aging.
  • Prevents moisture loss and maintains a healthy oil balance.
  • Improves skin hydration and skin elasticity leading to a firmer, smoother complexion.

directions of usage:

  • Apply daily on cleansed face and body as a treatment or moisturizer. Take a few drops and massage gently all over the face and body and allow the oil to soak in for 30mins. Cleanse with our gourmet soaps or body scrubs for smooth, soft skin. You may also leave it on overnight.
  • As a hair oil, massage gently into the scalp. Leave it to work its magic for an hour before washing off. You may warm it slightly if you wish. You may also leave it overnight.




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Redwine Facial kit


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