• Protection from sun damage and UV rays.
  • Reduces pigmentation.
  • Works well on damaged and chapped lips.
  • Well-known for the moisturizing properties.


  •  Red wine butter
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Natural fragrance

How to use it?

  • Take a required amount of lip balm.
  • Dab it all over your lips.
  • Apply it whenever your skin feels dry.


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Redwine Lip Balm

Keep your lips hydrated and nourished with BnB’s natural lip balm. One swipe is enough to keep your lips away from dryness and pigmentation. With the combination of almond oil and olive oil, our lip balms are enriched with hand-picked natural ingredients that keep your lips moisturised throughout the day. With the added natural fragrance, they not only keep your lips healthy but also gives you a beautiful day ahead.


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