– Neem extract
– Xanthan gum
– Tulsi extract
– Peppermint
– Preservatives
– Aqua

– Purifies the skin.
– Fights against acne and pimples.
– Removes black spots.
– Moisturises and hydrates the skin.
– Fades blemishes.

How to use it?
– Wash your face with a suitable face wash.
– Pat it dry and apply a small amount of the gel all over your face and neck.
– Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning.


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Tea Tree Night Gel

Tea tree is known as acne-banisher. This gel is infused with the goodness of the tea tree along
with tulsi, neem, and other natural ingredients to give utmost love and care to your skin. This
not only fights against acne but also against the acne-causing bacteria and leaves you with
clean and healthy skin. It cleanses your skin from dirt, germs, and other external impurities.


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